Daily Kos: Terrorism? Who Cares About Terrorism?

Over at the most popular liberal blog on the planet, the Daily Kos, Darksyde cites a few statistics that show how unlikely it is that any particular American would die in a terrorist attack and then explains that he couldn’t care less about stopping terrorism:

“Here’s a message for both our homegrown Neoconservative, bloggy, gutless wonders and the Jihadi nutcases overseas: I grew up in the cold-war, my parents went through WW2 for crying out loud. We are not paralyzed with fear over Osama. Despite your best efforts, I’m not obsessed with terrorism. Sheesh, I barely even think about it. I face bigger statistical risks, in every way, every day, and on every scale, just driving across a set of railroad tracks and down the interstate smoking a cigarette in the rain, and I don’t worry much about that either.

And if you want me to be afraid for my very nation’s survival, Jebus H Christ, you damn well better be able to wave around a threat considerably more convincing than a rag-tag group of zealots who sh*t in caves and beg other people to put on suicide belts sporting a rip cord detonator.”

You know why I love this? Because it’s honest. Here’s a liberal saying what Howard Dean, Ned Lamont, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats really think. This allows people to take a very clear, open eyed look at what conservatives and liberals really believe.

— Conservatives believe we must do whatever it takes to stop another 9/11 from occurring on our soil.
— Liberals, like Darksyde, don’t think that’s the case.

— Conservatives believe WMDs falling into the hands of terrorists is a serious threat.
— Liberals, like Darksyde, do not.

— Conservatives think the British terrorism plot, that would have featured numerous planes being blown up in mid air, would have been a major disaster had it happened.
— Liberals, like Darksyde, do not.

Boiled down to it’s simplest level, conservatives believe terrorism is a serious threat and spend a lot of time thinking about how to combat it. Liberals like Darksyde, “barely even think about,” terrorism and consider preventing terrorist attacks to be a low priority.

It’s too bad that the other Democrats won’t have the guts to be as honest about what they think as Darksyde, so that the American people can see exactly what both parties stand for when November rolls around.

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