Daily Kos Thread: Get Those Support The Troops Magnets Off Your Car!

One of the oddest things about a lot of liberals is that simple displays of support for the troops or patriotism actually irritates them. For example, consider this recommended diary at the Daily Kos called, “Please take the magnets off your cars.”

“I’ve just finished reading clammyc’s diary (Okay wingnut troop supporters – try to defend THIS), and s/he has tapped into something I’ve been wanting to write about for sometime but just haven’t had a chance to do so.

It’s about those d*mn Support Our Troops magnets and the like. Please take them off your car.

I am the wife of an army reservist. My husband has not been called to active duty, but could be at any time. Every day there is a possibility that my life as I know it could be drastically changed. I know other military families who are in the same situation, and I know military families whose lives have already been drastically affected. It is the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.

All that being said, what in the world does slapping a magnet on your vehicle have anything to do with supporting our troops? Everytime I see one, particularly when it mixed in with the “W” sticker and the screaming American eagle decal, I am insulted. Many times, the yahoo whose got the sticker on his car is of military service age, but would rather talk tough than put their *ss on the line.” — TigerMom

It’s amazing, isn’t it? When somebody, anybody, publicly shows his support for the troops, there are liberals out there, like TigerMom, getting angry about it. It sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? The whole, “If you support the troops, you should volunteer,” thing at the end makes no sense either. You mean the only people who can support the troops publicly should be in the military? Although TigerMom says her husband is a reservist, she doesn’t say she was in the military. So, does that mean that she doesn’t support the troops? Undoubtedly she’d say no, she does support the troops, just in different ways. But, given the hostility so many liberals in this country show towards our military, what’s wrong with a simple, open display of support?

Yet, despite the popularity of sentiments like the ones TigerMom wrote about in this article, a lot of liberals get angry, get furious, when people suggest that they’re not patriotic or don’t the support the troops. Then, those same people turn right around and get huffy about those “support the troops” magnets or an American flag being displayed. Could it be that a lot of liberals don’t support the troops and aren’t patriotic, but feel that they have to be perceived that way for politics’ sake, and therefore resent having to pretend to support the troops or be patriotic? That sounds about right.

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