Daily Links For August 22, 2005


Scotland Yard Believes It Has Thwarted An Al-Qaeda Gas Attack Aimed At Ministers And MPs In Parliament

20 of 21 Gaza Settlements Evacuated

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed In Afghan Blast

Leaders in Iraq Report Progress on Constitution (Free NYT Reg Req)

Sunnis Warn Against Constitution Draft

Iraq Slams Jordan For Allowing Saddam’s Relatives To Fund Insurgency


GOP Senator Chuck Hagel Says Iraq Looking Like Vietnam (I Detest Hagel)

Reid Resting in Nev. After Mini-Stroke (Hope He Feels Better Soon)

U.S. Base Closing Commissioners Question Cost Savings

Scarborough Has Decided Not To Run For Senate (Too Bad)

The Kelo Fall-Out Continues: Daytona Businesses Must Sell Property

Rancher Loses Border Ranch To Immigrants Who Trespassed On His Land

Court Rules Atheism A Religion. Decides 1st Amendment Protects Prison Inmate’s Right To Start Study Group (How Moronic)

Michael Graham: For Linking Islam, Terror


Steve Forbes: A Flat Tax Would Unleash A Stupendous Economic Boom

Mark Steyn: ‘Peace Mom’s’ Marriage A Metaphor For Dems

Jed Babbin: Bush Needs To Do A Better Job Of Explaining The War On Terror

Michael Barone: Of Minds And Metrics In The War On Terror

Jeff Jacoby: Trent Lott’s Unlearned Lesson


Lott Settles Scores With GOP In New Book

Kerry And McGovern Show Up For Suicide Victim Hunter S. Thompson’s Bizarre Death Ceremony

Scream Baffles Ohio Town

Website Of The Day: Snapshots

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