Daily News For April 12, 2006


Terrorists Kill 40 In Pakistan

Iran Has Successfully Enriched Uranium For The First Time (Can We Crank Up The Bombers Faster Please?)

Claim: Council On Foreign Relations Told Of U.S. Plans For Iran Strike

Less International Tourists Coming To US


The Signs From The Illegal Immigration Rallies You Didn’t See On The Front Pages Of The NYTimes And Washington Post

GOP Chiefs Don’t Want Illegal Immigrants Charged as Felons

15 Illegal Immigrants Lose Jobs After Attending Rally; Manager Says They Were Warned (Applause. Now If We Can Just Deport Them As Well…)

Illegal Immigration Rally Organizer Tied To Marxist Party

Cheers, Boos As Cheney Opens U.S. Baseball Game

Harlem Thugs Yuppie Hunting

UC Santa Cruz: Protesters Push Military Recruiters Off Campus


Zalmay Khalilzad and George W. Casey Jr: A Path To Success In Iraq (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Mark Steyn: Facing Down Iran

Phyllis Schlafly: Bush Is Out Of Touch With GOP Regarding Illegal Immigration

An Interview About Illegal Immigration With Steve Camarota From The Center Of Immigration Studies

Rich Lowry: Dems Are In The Grip Of A Grievance-Based Ethnic Politics

Douglas Turner: Immigration Bill Deserves To Die

Charles Krauthammer: Liberty, Equality, Mediocrity. The Strangest Revolution The French Have Ever Produced

Uncle Jimbo: Which Side Is The National Media On?


US Boxer Muhammad Ali Has Sold An 80 Per Cent Interest In His Name And Image For $68.5 Million Dollars

Family Services Visits Britney Spears’ Home

Left Blogs Lure, Bash Rep. Pelosi

Condi Rice & Watermelon Math

Website Of The Day: The Absurd Report

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