Daily News For April 17, 2006


Istanbul blasts wounds 31

Zarqawi, Al Qaeda Are Heading Out, U.S. General Says (I’m Skeptical, But This Is Still Interesting)

Shiites Propose Deal To End Deadlock

Iraqi Sunni Leader Turns His Guns On Foreign Insurgents

Iran Issues Stark Military Warning To United States

Iranians Volunteer For “Martyrdom Missions”

Blair Refuses To Back Iran Strike With Military Forces


Unions Worked Up Over Illegals

50% Of Free Republic Members Say They Will Vote 3rd Party Or Stay Home If The GOP Doesn’t “Seal The Borders, Penalize Employers Who Hire Illegals And Deport Illegals When Caught.”

George Allen to Senate: Secure the Borders

An Illegal Immigrant Who Tried To Bring Down A U.S. Border Patrol Helicopter By Throwing Rocks At It Was Sentenced To 38 Months In Federal Prison

Maryland Towns Outlaw McMansions (Dumb)

University Of South Florida Professor Sami Al-Arian To Be Deported (Applause)


Yuri Mamchur: A Legal Non-Immigrant Worker’s View Of The Illegal Immigrant Protests

Deborah Orin: Illegals’ Rallies Alien-Ate Voters

Mark Steun: Policy On Iran Nukes Seems To Be Off-Target

Amir Taheri: The Frightening Truth Of Why Iran Wants A Bomb

Former General Michael DeLong: A General Misunderstanding (Free NYT Reg Req)

John Leo: Bush Was Right About Iraq’s Quest For Uranium

Jamie Lincoln Kitman: Hybrids Aren’t Necessarily Fuel Efficient (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Peter Bronson: Bill Cosby’s Sermon — Stand For Something


The Blog As Community

6 Generals Out Of 4700 Don’t Like Rumsfeld. Big Deal.

Blogger Emails And Blogosphere Economics

WMD Math

Man Planned To Eat Murder Victim: Police

Video: Snake Coughs Up An Entire Hippo (Some Obscene Links)

Humor: Extended Ted Kennedy Transcript From DC Illegal Immigration Rally

Website Of The Day: Lifelike Pundits

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