Daily News For April 18, 2006


Suicide Bomber Kills 9 At Tel Aviv Eatery

Palestinians: Tel Aviv Bombing Justified

Iranians Claim To Have 40,000 Suicide Bombers Ready To Attack America

New Worry Rises After Iran Claims Nuclear Steps

France Tries To Pay Illegal Aliens To Go Home And Finds Few Takers


2 Duke Lacrosse Players Indicted in Rape Case (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Guard Who Saw Alleged Duke Victim Says No Sign or Mention of Rape

Georgia Governor Signs Sweeping Immigration Law (Huge Applause)

Kids In One LA School Had To Use Buckets To Go To The Bathroom During An Illegal Immigration Lockdown (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Illegal Aliens Demand That Lou Dobbs Be Fired For Hurting Their Cause

Four Retired Generals Fire Back At Critics Of Defense Secretary

A Federal Jury Convicted Former Republican Gov. George Ryan On Corruption Charges

Donald Rumsfeld: Media Sees Military As ‘Other Side’

Congress Approval At 12-Year Low. Congress Dropped 4 Points In The Last Month

Recommending Conservative Books Equates To ‘Sexual Harassment’ At Ohio State University At Mansfield

Dick Cheney Donates Millions to Charity

‘Roe V. Wade’: The Divided States Of America

GOP Web Game: Democrats Vs. Working Families


Star Parker: Se Habla Entitlement

Polipundit: Why Immigration Matters

Heather Mac Donald: Postmodern “Rights” En Los Estados Unidos. “I Am Here,” So Deal With It.

Burt Prelutsky: Wake Up And Smell The Salsa

Hugh Hewitt: Like Saddam, Iranian Leaders Have Wholeheartedly Embraced Terror As A Weapon Of Foreign Policy

Confederate Yankee: The Sheepdog’s War

Jim Geraghty: Yes, Yes, ‘The GOP Is Doomed In November.’ Somehow I Feel Like I’ve Heard This Before

Michael Barone: Will Democrats win control of the House in November?

Joseph Lindsley: Democrats Try To Talk Like God-Fearing Folk

Rush Interviews Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld


Prompted By Lefty Bloggers, Liberals Aim Racial Slurs At Michelle Malkin

Hustler Magazine Tricked Conservative Former House Speaker-Elect Bob Livingston Into Resigning

The US Air Force Has Unveiled A Stealth Fighter So Advanced That No Other Aircraft In The World Stands A Chance Against it

Funny Video: SNL Lampoons Press Corps, Especially Norah O’Donnell

Website Of The Day: Ed Driscoll

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