Daily News For April 21, 2006


‘Coyotes’ Openly Trolling for Clients In Plain View Of Mexican Law Enforcement

The Majority Of Illegals Captured In The Big Raid ARE NOT Going To Be Deported.

Feds Warn Companies Using Illegal Workers

Fox Poll: Bush Approval At 33%. Approval Rate For Congress: 25%

Why A Strong Economy Is No GOP Asset

Alberto Gonzales Gives Child Porn ‘Wake-Up Call’

Is An L.A. Times Columnist Leaving Comments On The Internet Under Assumed “Sock Puppet” Identities — Identities Which He Pretends Is Someone Other Than Himself? Yes And He’s Been Busted!


Bowing To Intense Pressure, Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari Agreed Thursday To Allow Shiite Lawmakers To Find Someone Else To Head The New Government (That’s Big News. He Was The Big Impediment To Forming An Iraqi Government)

Protestor Mars Hu Visit

Iran Still Years Away From Having Nukes: US Intelligence Chief

No Proof Of Secret C.I.A. Prisons, European Antiterror Chief Says (The New York Times Reg Req)


An Interview With Travis Rowley On His Book “Out Of Ivy: How A Liberal Ivy Created A Committed Conservative”

The Washington Examiner: No Place For ‘Reconquista’

Jonah Goldberg: Seeing Red Over ‘Green Scare’ (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Peggy Noonan: Learn To Bend, Mr. Bush. You Won’t Break


University Rebuffs ‘Gay’ Profs, Warns Librarian Not To Retaliate. Christian Staffer Called ‘Sexual Harasser’ For Recommending ‘Marketing Of Evil’

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo Claims To Be Puzzled By Obscenity In Letter

Sienna Miller Gets Death Threats From Muslims. U.S.-Born Actress Warned ‘She Will Be Sorry’ Unless She Pulls Out Of Film

Analysis Of Weblog Comments

Right Wing Fascist Bloggers Are Really Mechanics in Pajamas!

Website Of The Day: Patterico’s Pontifications

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