Daily News For April 24, 2006


CIA Fires Analyst Mary McCarthy For Alleged Press Leak (Now It’s Time To Put Her In Jail)

Michelle Malkin Has Been “Forced To Remove One Of My Children From School And Move My Family” After Liberals Posted Her Address And Phone Number Online

2nd DNA Results In Duke Lacross Case Out Until May 15, Which Is After The DA’s Election (How Convenient)

NYC Islamists Threaten Israel With Nuclear ‘Holocaust’

Mexicans See Immigration As Inevitable (Build The Wall Faster Please)

Here Are Some More Scientists Pouring Cold Water On Global Warming

Hillary Clinton Comes Out for Border Wall (She Flip-Flops All Over The Place On This Issue)


Iraqi Actors Killed For Entertaining Kids

Fatah, Hamas Gunmen Clash In Gaza

Purported Bin Laden Tape Slams West For ‘Crusader-Zionist War’

Ahmadinejad Recruits Hezbollah Terror Chief. ‘When The Iranians Decide To Hit The West In Its Soft Belly, Imad Will Be The 1 To Act’

The United States Doesn’t Have Enough Good Intelligence To Know Whether Or Not Iran Will Be Capable Of Producing Nuclear Weapons In The Near Future

Mugabe Invites Whites To Lease Back Farmland

Afghanistan Now Has Its First Gansta Rapper


Text Of Gerald Ford Statement On Defense Secretary Rumsfeld

Wesley Pruden: A Political World Turned Upside Down

Andrew McCarthy: Why Isn’t She In Cuffs? The Justice Department Needs To Be Aggressive In The Case Of The Cia Leaker

Mark Steyn: Nothing To Fear But The Climate Change Alarmists

Clarence Pennington: Secret Sources Are Gnawing At Journalism’s Foundation


Estranged Wife Denise Richards Dishes The Dirt On Hubby Charlie Sheen

Barbara Bush: Chuck Norris Is “Scared To Death Of Me”

Scientists Recover T. Rex Soft Tissue. 70-Million-Year-Old Fossil Yields Preserved Blood Vessels

Claim: A Real Aphrodiasiac Will Be On The Market In Three Years

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies Of The Summer

Fiction: Starbucks Refused to Send Donated Coffee to Marines In Iraq and Said the Company Does Not Support the War

Humor: Campaign Promotes Work By ‘Extra-Legal Americans’

Website Of The Day: Brainster’s Blog

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