Daily News For April 28, 2006


May 1 Illegal Alien Protest Aims To “Close” Cities

Senate Oks $2 Billion To Stop Illegals

California Lawmakers Support Illegal Immigration Rally On Monday

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Made Previous Report

Sen. Specter Threatens to Block NSA Funds

Robert Byrd To President Bush: We Can Impeach You

CIA Warns Ex-Agents Over Talking To Media

Senate Republicans Seek Taxpayer Rebate Checks for Gas Price Relief

Air America Radio Will Lose Its New York Flagship Station, WLIB-AM, On Aug. 31.

Capitol Hill Hypocrisy On Gas Prices

A Professor And Six Students At Northern Kentucky University Were Charged With Uprooting 400 Crosses Meant To Represent Fetuses In An Anti-Abortion Display


Iran Threatens US targets ‘In Every Possible Part Of The World’

Iran Has Received Its First Batch Of North Korean-Made Surface-To-Surface Missiles That Put European Countries Within Firing Range

Abu Nasser, A Leader Of The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Rejoices That A Terrorist Attack Severely Injured An American Teen

Qatar: Price Of Oil Would Drop $15 If Politicians Shut Up


Wesley Smith: Death By Ethics Committee. Refusing To Treat Lives Deemed Unworthy Of Living

The Wall Street Journal: Republicans Sag In New Poll

A Q&A with Ramesh Ponnuru on The Party of Death

Charles Krauthammer: Say It With Me — Supply and Demand


Businessman Ordered To Duplicate Lesbian’s Videos. Virginia Christian Investigated After Refusing Job On Biblical Ground

Andy Garcia is Fed Up With People Who Glorify Che Guevara

Atlas Shrugged To Finally Be Made Into A Movie?

Website Of The Day: Save The Internet

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