Daily News For April 7, 2006


Tom Tancredo: “I Can Just About Guarantee You We’re Not Going To Get A Majority Of The House Members [To Agree] On Amnesty To 10 Million People.” (The House Republicans Are Our Last Line Of Defense On This One)

Gingrich Calls Immigration Reform Compromise ‘Cave-In’

Drag Racing Illegal Immigrant Kills Football Coach In KC

Papers: Cheney Aide Says Bush OK’d Leak

The Latest Plame Leak News

McKinney Apologizes For Assault On Police Officer

Cynthia McKinney Bodyguard Threatens A Reporter: “I’m Going To Put Your
*ss In Jail. I’m A Police Officer.”

US Budget Vote Canceled Amid Republican Feuding (Free WAPO Reg Req)

A First Amendment Moment, As Citizen Criticizes Bush In Charlotte

Andy Rooney: “I’m Not Enthusiastic About It. I Think Everybody Likes Katie Couric, I Mean How Can You Not Like Katie Couric. But, I Don’t Know Anybody At CBS News Who Is Pleased That She’s Coming Here.”

Maryland: Democratic Report Shows Republican Candidate Michael Steele May Be Magnet for Black Voters


New Document: Saddam Targeted American Assets For Terrorism (This Needs To Be Confirmed Because It’s An Absolute Blockbuster If True)

After 9/11, Gadhafi Feared for His Existence

Skeptics Torpedo Iran’s Weapons Claims

How AIDS in Africa Was Overstated (Free WAPO Reg Req)


James Lileks: ‘Republican’ Immigrants Vs. ‘Democratic’ Immigrants

Mark Steyn Chats With Hugh Hewitt

Austin Bay: Declassifying Classified Data – And White House Leaks

Mona Charen: The Flag, The Schools, The Immigrants, And Us


Video: Trailer For Flight 93 (This Has Been Banned In Some Theaters)

Republican Ted Stevens From Alaska Is Once Again The Senate’s King Of Pork

Girl, 5, Forced To Apologize For Hugging Classmate

Will Hollywood Democrat Alec Baldwin Ever Crossbreed With Right-Wing Provocateur Ann Coulter?

Website Of The Day: Border Fence Project

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