Daily News For Aug 10, 2005


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Says It Appears That Some Weapons In Iraq Are Coming From Iran

Australia: Islamic Leaders Won’t Condemn Bin Laden


Rep: Officials Monitored 3 Hijackers Before 9/11 Attacks

Fact Check: NARAL Falsely Accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts

Claim: Illegal Immigration Costs Florida $4.3 Billion a Year

Conservative Group I’ve Never Heard Of To Oppose John Roberts

‘Satanist’ Dances On Reagan’s Grave. Posts Photos On Net, Presidential Library Mum About Incident


Irshad Manji: Why Tolerate The Hate? (Free NYT Reg Req)

Mark Steyn: Trust Politicians To Do Nothing Useful

Debra Saunders: Cindy Sheehan’s Bizarre Encampment

Rich Lowry: The Myth Of A Constitutional Right To Privacy

Michelle Malkin: The Democrats’ 9/11 Slush Fund

Thomas Sowell: Trashing Our Troops In Iraq


Google Goes Ballistic After Getting Googled. Miffed After Personal Info Disclosed, Including CEO’s Support For Al Gore

Helping Boys Become Men, and Girls Become Women. Is My Child Becoming Homosexual?

Arizona: Anti-Phone Town Not Willing To Change

New Zealand: Bush ‘Evil B*Stard’ In Billboard Spots. Restaurant Chain Features Image Of ‘W’ With Derogatory Slogans

S. Korean Man Dies After 50 Hours Of Computer Games

Video: Shark Vs. Octopus In A Battle To The Finish

Website Of The Day: The American Cancer Ablation Center

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