Daily News For Aug 15, 2005


Chemical Weapons Factory Found Iraq. It’s Believed To Have Been Created After The Invasion

Iran Boasts They ‘Kept EU Talking’ While It Finished Nuclear Plant

Inside Iran’s Secret War for Iraq

Bush Raises Option Of Using Force Against Iran

Iraqi Leaders Race To Finish Draft Constitution

Israel Begins Historic Gaza Withdrawal (Free WAPO Reg Req)

More Red-On-Red Fighting In Iraq

U.S. Struggling To Get Soldiers Updated Armor (Free NYT Reg Req)


Cindy Sheehan Calls For Impeachment, “Israel Out Of Palestine,” Vows Not To Pay Taxes (Moonbat)

Jim Krause Said President Expressed Sorrow When He And Cindy Sheehan Saw Him Last June

Marine Parents: Cindy Sheehan’s Protest Wrong

Effort To Take Breyer’s Home Moving Ahead

Rush Limbaugh: Media Absent On 9-11 Scandal. Calls Panel Probing Terror Attack ‘Absolute Joke,’ Says Coverage Would Be Page 1 If Tied To Bush

“The Real Problem For Democrats Is That Their Elected Officials, And By Extension Their Entire Party, Are Perceived As Directionless And Divided, Standing For Nothing Other Than Their Own Enrichment


Mark Steyn: Atta Way To Blow 9/11 Panel’s Credibility

Dean Barnett: The Liberal Blogosphere’s New Litmus Test

Jack Kelly: Able Danger — Now They Tell Us

The Wall Street Journal: Employment Is Higher Than At Any Time In History

John Fund: Democrats Try To Outflank The GOP On Immigration


Experimental Hybrid Cars Get Up To 250 Mpg

Resident Of Jagger Court Wants Street Name Changed. Virginia Beach Latest Protest Venue Against Mick’s Anti-American Soapbox

‘UFO Cult’ Infiltrated. Filmmaker Secretly Documents Raelians To Expose ‘Brainwashing, Sexual Coercion’

Man Outed on Radio Show to Receive $270K (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Famous Gorilla Tells Women To Bare Their Breasts Via Sign Language?

Website Of The Day: Decision ’08

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