Daily News For Aug 23, 2005


Iraq: Draft Constitution Completed, But Sunnis Unhappy

Israel Evacuates Last Settlement In Gaza Strip

Russia Says Terrorists Pursuing Nukes. Chechen Warlord Hints At Unconventional Attack

Mexican Presidential Race Kicks Off … In Los Angeles


September 11 Panel Received No Pentagon Data On Mohammed Atta Ex-Chairman Thomas Kean Claims

Pentagon Says They Can’t Verify The Able Danger Story

Navy Officer Affirms Able Danger Story, Assertions About Pre-9/11 Data on Atta (Free NYT Reg Req)

George Bush: US Must Finish Job In Iraq To Honor The Fallen

Pat Robertson: Time To Assassinate Chavez. ‘700 Club’ Host Says Venezuelan Leader Poses Imminent Danger

More Young Blacks Ready To Embrace GOP

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Is Al Qaeda Of Iraq Wearing Out Its Welcome?

John Fund: Resurrecting Jim Crow For Political Gain

Robert J. Avrech: Help! I`m A Hollywood Republican!

Michael Graham: Well, They Got Me

John Kyl: U.S. Economy Strong, If Unappreciated

Robert Novak: John Thune Driven To Distraction By The Closing Of A Military Base In His State


Report Of Missing Person Leads To Discovery Of 5 Bodies

A 2008 Straw Poll For Republicans: Pick Your Favorite Candidate

Exeter Mom Rallies Support For Troops

Website Of The Day: Political Star

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