Daily News For Aug 23, 2005


Iraq: Draft Constitution Completed, But Sunnis Unhappy

Israel Evacuates Last Settlement In Gaza Strip

Russia Says Terrorists Pursuing Nukes. Chechen Warlord Hints At Unconventional Attack

Mexican Presidential Race Kicks Off … In Los Angeles


September 11 Panel Received No Pentagon Data On Mohammed Atta Ex-Chairman Thomas Kean Claims

Pentagon Says They Can’t Verify The Able Danger Story

Navy Officer Affirms Able Danger Story, Assertions About Pre-9/11 Data on Atta (Free NYT Reg Req)

George Bush: US Must Finish Job In Iraq To Honor The Fallen

Pat Robertson: Time To Assassinate Chavez. ‘700 Club’ Host Says Venezuelan Leader Poses Imminent Danger

More Young Blacks Ready To Embrace GOP


Is Al Qaeda Of Iraq Wearing Out Its Welcome?

John Fund: Resurrecting Jim Crow For Political Gain

Robert J. Avrech: Help! I`m A Hollywood Republican!

Michael Graham: Well, They Got Me

John Kyl: U.S. Economy Strong, If Unappreciated

Robert Novak: John Thune Driven To Distraction By The Closing Of A Military Base In His State


Report Of Missing Person Leads To Discovery Of 5 Bodies

A 2008 Straw Poll For Republicans: Pick Your Favorite Candidate

Exeter Mom Rallies Support For Troops

Website Of The Day: Political Star

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