Daily News For Aug 26, 2005


Iraqi National Assembly To Vote On Constitution Today

China A Staging Ground For Computer Attacks. Hackers Able To Penetrate Unclassified U.S. Government Networks

Bolton Throws UN Summit Into Chaos. Bush’s Envoy Demands 750 Changes To Reorganisation Plans (Give ‘Em Hell)


US Army Re-Enlistment ‘Strong’

Anti-War Protests Target Wounded At Army Hospital

Cindy Sheehan, The “Rosa Parks” Of The Anti-War Movement, Calls Bin Laden Alleged Terrorist

American Legion Declares War on Protestors — Media Next?

Al Sharpton Plans To Join Texas Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan

Hospital Fights to Retain “Do Not Resuscitate” Order Despite Child’s Improvement

Illegal Immigrants Threw Rocks At A Border Patrol Helicopter, Forcing The Pilot To Make An Emergency Landing When One Of The Rocks Damaged The Rotor


Robert Samuelson: Retirement At 70 (Free WAPO Reg Req)

George Will: The Left’s Folly

Michael Fumento: Despite Media Blackout, Fallujah Rebuilds

Jeff Jacoby: Iraq Is No Vietnam

Joe Roche: ‘Wonderful Time To Be A Soldier’

Amir Taheri: Iraq’s Constitutional Choices


Lance Armstrong Goes on the Counterattack Against The French

Brigitte Bardot Calls For Halt To Use Of Puppies As Shark Bait

South Africa: Man Forced To Have Sex At Gunpoint By 3 Woman

Kenya: Man Hacks Off Woman’s Hand When She Refuses His Marriage Proposal

Website Of The Day: The Bernoulli Effect

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