Daily News For Aug 29, 2005


Sunni Negotiators Refuse To Endorse Constitution

Israel: A Suicide Bombing Has Injured At Least 10 People At A Crowded Bus Station

Bush Calls For Patience On Iraq Mission

Germany: Gerhard Schroeder Down By 12-14 Points With Time Running Out In Election


New Orleans Evacuated As Hurricane Katrina Heads Their Way

US Heading For House Price Crash, Greenspan Tells Buyers

Oil Leaps Above $70 As Katrina Rips Through US Gulf

Cindy Sheehan: Sheehan: Other Moms Of Slain ‘Brainwashed’. Cindy Labels Them Supporters Of ‘Murder And Mayhem’

Hillary Would Beat Condi 44% To 38%. 28% Say They Would Definitely Vote For Hillary As President. 39% Said They Definitely Would Not

John Mccain To Chuck Hagel: Iraq Not Vietnam

Charlie Rangel: “Sometimes I Don’t Even Think Cheney Is Awake Enough To Know What’s Going On. Rumsfeld Is The Guy In Washington…Running The Country.”

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Victor Davis Hanson: Iraq — Where Socialists And Anarchists Join In With Racialists And Paleocons

Tony Blair: My Fight Against Terror. Britian’s PM Explains His Crackdown On Muslim Extremists

Mark Steyn: The Iraqi Constitution Has Something For Everyone

Dave Kopel: Sheehan’s Radical Views Little Noted

Cifford May: Dear Cindy; An Open Letter To The Mother Of A Fallen Hero


Rap Mogul ‘Suge’ Knight Shot At Miami Beach Party

Fred Phelps And His Squad Of Loonies Are Still Protesting GI Funerals

Russian Mother Attempts To Kill Baby In Washing Machine

Website Of The Day: National Ledger

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