Daily News For Aug 8, 2005


Trapped Russian Sailors Rescued By Brits

Britain: Mosque Tells Muslims It Is Their Duty To Become Terrorists And Praises The Tube Bombers As “The Fantastic Four”

Britain: Militants Who Praised London Attacks Could Face Treason (Applause)

Britain: State Seeks Control Of Muslim Schools

Netanyahu Quits As Israel Approves Gaza Pullout

Afghan Police Said Overnight They Have Seized Almost Four Tonnes Of Explosives


Peter Jennings Dies At 67 (My Condolences Go Out To His Friends & Family)

NY Times Questioned Legality Of Judge Roberts’ Adoptions

Roberts Devoted Free Time to Liberal Cases

US Scientists Find Flexible Stem Cells In Placenta

At Least 80 Wealthy Liberals Have Pledged To Contribute $1 Million Or More Apiece To Fund A Network Of Think Tanks And Advocacy Groups (Free WAPO Reg Req)

GOP Plans More Outreach To Blacks, Mehlman Says (Free Reg Req)


O’Reilly Interviews Coulter On Iraq & Immigration

Binyamin Netanyahu Explains, In An Interview, Why He Thinks Pulling Out Of Gaza Will Hurt Security (Free Jersusalem Post Reg Req)

Mark Steyn: Democrats’ New Strategy: Almost Winning

Alan Aker: Mainstreamers Have Lost Their Way

Rich Karlgaard: Paul Krugman’s French Family Values


Scum-Of-The-Earth Michael Schiavo Receives Guardianship Award

Deep Into Sleep: Everything You Wanted To Know About Sleeping

Video: How The Marines Took Fallujah (AWESOME, But Some Bad Language)

A Man Filmed Himself Jumping To His Death On His Mobile Video Phone

Belfast Rapist Phoned Victim’s Mother To Gloat

Pakistan: Man Swaps Daughter For Unopposed Win In Polls

Website Of The Day: Ultraquiet No More

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