Daily News For August 1, 2005


Claim: Drawing Down Iraq. Drastic Troop Cuts Are In The Pentagon’s Secret Plans

Iran Says Ready To Restart Nuclear Work Monday

U.S. Evicted From Air Base In Uzbekistan

Finger Points To British Intelligence As Al-Qaeda Websites Are Wiped Out

Claim: Leaked Emails Say Gitmo Trials “Rigged”

Claim: 7/7 Bomb Suspect Said ‘No Al Qaeda Links’

Huge Weapons Cache Seized in Afghanistan

Iraq Citizens Deem U.S. Soldier As Sheik

France Ejects 12 Islamic ‘Preachers Of Hate’

Israel Replacing Lethal Rubber Bullets With New Sand Bullets For Riot Control

Italy Bans Islamic Burqas


2nd Worst Prez Of 20th Century Jimmy Carter: Guantanamo Detentions Disgraceful (Free WAPO Reg)

Helen Thomas Angry After ‘Kill Self’ Over Cheney Comments Published

Teens Arrested For Burning 20 Small U.S. Flags

Harold Ickes: You Liberals Don’t Get Mad At Hillary, She’s One Of You


Michael Fumento: Mainstream Media Suppress Iraq Optimism

Richard Posner: Bad News For The Media (Free NYT Reg Req)

Michelle Malkin Interviewed

Jack Kelly: Iraq Has Been A Quagmire For Al-Qaeda

Kathleen Parker: Parent A And Parent B? Children Need Mom, Dad!


Al Gore’s TV Network Debuts Monday

Drinks Companies Have Been Ordered To Use Uglier Men In Their Advertising Campaigns

The Best Movie Mistakes

Website Of The Day: Estate 5

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