Daily News For August 1, 2006


Israel Approves Wider Ground Offensive

Israel Says Hits 2/3 Of Hizbollah’s Heavy Missiles

Hizbullah Has Only Few Launchers Left’ (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

President Bush Dismissed Any Idea Of Simply “Stopping For The Sake Of Stopping” Without A Plan For Lasting Peace. (Applause)

Raise Readiness, Assad Tells Syrian Army (They Don’t Have A Level Of Readiness High Enough If Israel Comes After Them)

Castro Relinquishes Power Before Surgery

Spate Of Attacks Kills Dozens In Iraq

Two Koreas Exchange Gunfire Along Fortified Borde


Mel Gibson Was ‘Really On The Verge Of Suicide’ Before His DUI Arrest; ‘This Was A Death Wish’

Deputy Hopes Gibson Thinks About DUI

Officials Tracking The Approach Of The Peak Hurricane Season Told President Bush On Monday That Data Linking A Series Of Devastating Storms To Global Warming Was Inconclusive


Fla. Republicans Won’t Back Rep. Harris

Communists for Casey, Or At Least Against Santorum. But It’s For the Kids

Mitt Romney Apologizes for ‘Tar Baby’ Remark (An Apology Over Nothing)


Michael Ledeen: The Thirties All Over Again?

Interview With Bayan Rahman Of The Kurdistan Development Corporation

Andrew Busch: After Compassionate Conservatism. Republicans Need Not Fear The Hard Edges Of Their Ideas


Nixon Mulled Nukes to End Vietnam War

Shanghai Constructs Underground Bunker Capable Of Sheltering 200,000 People

Churches Putting Town Out Of Business Stafford, Texas, Has 51 Tax-Exempt Religious Institutions And Wants No More: ‘Somebody’s Got To Pay For Police, Fire And Schools.’ (Free LA Times Reg Req)

How to Avoid a Blogosphere Scandal Part 1: Disclose!

Website Of The Day: Gates Of Vienna

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