Daily News For August 11, 2005


Four US Troops Killed; Iraqis Spar On Constitution

Terrorists Kidnap Senior Iraqi Official

Baghdad Mayor Is Ousted by a Shiite Group and Replaced (Free NYT Reg Req)

Britain And US Warn Iran Over Links With Iraq Rebels


For The Year: They Army Is 11% Behind Its Recruiting Goal, The Reserve Is 18% Behind, The Army National Guard Is 20% Behind (20% Behind For One Year Hardly Represents Some Kind Of Crisis)

Bush Signs $286.4 Billion Highway Bill

Package From ‘Bin Laden’ On Orlando Bus Investigated

Terry McAuliffe: Hillary May Not Run For Senate In NY If She Thinks She’ll Have A Tough Race

Texas: Controversial Plan Would Force Principals To Learn Spanish


The Economist: Why Gas Prices Are So High

Ralph Peters: Not So Anti-American (Free NY Post Reg Req)

John Connly Walsh: Big Disappointments In Iraq

Thomas Bray: Union Breakup Won’t Revive Declining Influence Of Labor

Ann Coulter: It’s ‘Let’s Roll,’ Not ‘Let’s Roll Over’

Patrick Hynes: Howard Dean’s Questionable Strategy


Entrenched Epidemic: Wife-Beatings in Africa (Free NYT Reg Req)

Fly The Flag, Get Evicted? Patriotic Family Faces Boot For Displaying Old Glory

4 Time Indianapolis 500 Winner A.J. Foyt Stung 200 Times By Bees

An AF Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Get Caught Spray Painting Cars With Pro-Bush Bumper Stickers

Lefty Rock Band Puts Sean Hannity’s Phone Number On Their Album Cover

Website Of The Day: Lance In Iraq

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