Daily News For August 14, 2006


Britain: Suspected Terrorists Were Planning To Unleash A Wave Of “Apocalyptic” Attacks On Land And Air, Using An Arsenal Of Bombs And Weaponry, Including Firearms, Investigators Have Discovered.

Hezbollah Fires 250 Rockets Into Israel

Senior Source: IDF To Withdraw In Week Or Two

Hezbollah Torpedoes Lebanese Gov’t Meeting On Disarmament

Israel Approves Truce, Continues Barrage

Pic Of Castro Holding The August 12 Commie Paper

Iraq Province ‘Nearing’ Handover


200 FBI Agents Currently Working On The British Terror Plot

Threat To U.K.-U.S. Flights Downgraded

What Exactly Has Condi Rice Accomplished At The State Department?

Woman Arrested For Carrying A Machete Outside The White House


Mark Steyn: Pan-Islamism Challenges Idea Of Nation State

Caroline Glick: Ceasefire Is Unmitigated Disaster (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Michael Béhé: The Lebanese Are The Most Hypocritical People On Earth (Excellent)

David Limbaugh: Dems — Exactly Where We Want Them to Be

Jack Kelly: The Friends Of Ned Lamont

Lord Stevens: When Will The Muslims Of Britain Stand Up To Be Counted Against Terrorism?


Iranian President Launches Blog

China Bans ‘Simpsons’ From Prime Time TV

Website Of The Day: Rightwingsparkle

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