Daily News For August 15, 2006


Men Held In Michigan Suspected Of Plan To Attack Mackinac Bridge

All Missing Egyptian Students In Custody

President Bush Signs Mt Soledad Cross Bill

White House: Bird Flu Has Arrived in United States


Lebanese Army Can’t Disarm Hezbollah Fighters

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: We’ll Continue To Hunt Down Hezbollah Leaders

Bush Says Israel Defeated Hezbollah

Nasrallah Declares Victory for Hezbollah In Taped Speech (Hiding Somewhere Delivering Taped Speeches Doesn’t Sound Like Much Of A Win)

Hezbollah Guerrillas Reportedly Fire 10 Rockets That Landed In Southern Lebanon

Assad: We’ll Liberate Golan Heights (His Mouth Is Writing Checks His Butt Can’t Cash)

Netanyahu: Switch From Unilateral To Mutual Steps

IDF General: Troops Lacking Food Can Steal From Lebanese Stores

Terrorists Planning To Use Their Babies As Cover Sought In Britain

Two Fox News Journalists Kidnapped In Gaza

New Pictures Show Chavez Visiting Castro


Donors Say Lieberman Will Be Well-Funded

White House Vague on Conn. Senate Race

Internal Poll From The Acuri Campaign: Acuri Up 4 Over Rightroots Endorsed Candidate Ray Meier


Michael Gershon: A Former Bush Adviser On 9/11, Iraq And The Lessons Of Five Tumultuous Years—for The President And The Public (Excellent)

Saul Singer: The War We Forgot To Fight (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Rich Lowry: An Israeli Perspective On The Ceasefire

Tim Hames: If This Was A Defeat, The Israelis Must Be Praying For A Lot More Of Them

Michael Barone: London Plot Exposes Left

A Podcast Interview With Major General William McCoy, Commanding General of the Corps of Engineers, Iraq


John Leo Retires

The Huffington Post Reaction To Fox Reporters Being Kidnapped

A Funny Bear Joke

Humor: Updated Terrorist FAQ

Website Of the Day: Elections Blog ’08

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