Daily News For August 16, 2006


Hizbullah Likely To Retain Weapons (Israel Should Bomb Them Until They Change Their Minds)

Iran, Syria Praise Hezbollah, Mock U.S.

Iran Says Won’t Back Down Over Atomic Rights


Gallup: Bush Approval At 37%

Quinnipiac Poll: Casey 48% vs. Santorum 42%

Survey USA Poll: McCaskill 47% Vs. Talent 46%

New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Maryland: Cardin Promises Cancer Cure. Senate Candidate Pitches Health Credentials, Plan To Beat Disease By 2015 (Good Grief)

Rick Santorum Talks To Town Hall

Minuteman Finances A Secret

Obama Warns of Gas Guzzling Cars in Town Hall Meeting And Then Leaves In SUV


Michael Nazir-Ali: Multiculturalism Is To Blame For Perverting Young Muslims

John Gizzi: PA-12: Irey vs. Murtha

Bridget Johnson: GOP Owes Partisans A Great ’08 Candidate (I Got A Mention In This)

John Henke: George Allen’s Macaca Moment

Jonah Goldberg: Terrorism Stories May Fade, But The Threat Never Does


McKinney Criticizes Electronic Voting

New Euphemism For Terrorism: “Pressure”

Mammoths May Roam Again After 27,000 Years

Tim Blair Humiliating Phillip Adams — Again

Website Of The Day: RealClearPolitics

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