Daily News For August 18, 2005


3 Car Bombings Kill 43, Wound 89 In Iraq

Bangladesh Hit By 300 Bombs; 1 Dead, 125 Injured, Official Says

Israeli Troops Forcibly Remove Gaza Settlers

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Says An Israeli Settler Accused Of Killing Three Palestinian Workers In The West Bank Committed “Jewish Terror.”

The United Nations Bankrolled Latest Anti-Israel Propaganda

Leaked Documents Appear To Contradict The Official Account Of How Brit Police Mistook A Brazilian Man For A Suicide Bomber And Shot Him


Sen. Akaka Quote: Bill Could Mean Eventual Independence For Hawaiians

Limbaugh’s Lawyers Win Ruling To Fight Questioning Of Doctor

Republican Party Leaders Are Courting Joe Scarborough To Replace U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris In The 2006 Senate Race Against Bill Nelson

American Bar Association Gives Roberts Top Ranking

Lott Blames 2002 Plight on Frist’s ‘Betrayal’ (Lott Should Look In The Mirror)

Mexico Funds Staging Areas For Illegals


Edmund Morris: Presidential Compassion (Free NYT Reg Req)

Former Senators Slate Gorton And Hank Brown: E Pluribus Unum? Not In Hawaii

The Economist: A New Report From The International Monetary Fund Says That Iraq’s Economic Growth Is Stalling Because Of The Deteriorating Security Situation

Ben Shapiro: Why The ‘Chickenhawk’ Argument Is Un-American: Part I

Cindy Sheehan: Commander In Grief

Ronald R. Griffin: She Does Not Speak For Me. My Son Died In Iraq–And It Was Not In Vain


Twin Towers Steel Used In Construction Of USS New York

Preying Mantis Vs. Hummingbird W/Pics

Website Of The Day: Least Loved Bedtime Stories v. 2.0

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