Daily News For August 18, 2006


Pakistani Woman Carrying Suspicious Liquid Found At W.Va. Airport

Expert: ‘Do We Have A Wack-Job Or A Murderer?’ (Wack Job)

John Douglas, A Former FBI Profiler Who Worked On The Jonbenet Murder Discusses The Case Against John Karr

A Federal Judge Ruled Thursday That The Government’s Warrantless Wiretapping Program Is Unconstitutional And Ordered An Immediate Halt To It

President Bush signs new pension bill

Mel Gibson Gets 3 Years Probation

Orrin Hatch: “Terrorists Are Waiting For The Democrats Here To Take Control, Let Things Cool Off And Then Strike Again.” (Sounds About Right)


Lebanese Deployment A 1st Step In Truce

Iran Suspected of Attempts to Rearm Hezbollah Since Cease-Fire

Ditch US In Terror War, Say 80% Of Britons (America And Britain’s “Special Relationship” Seems To Be Nearing An End)

Shut Up, Chinese Diplomat Tells US

N. Korea Appears To Be Preparing For Underground Nuclear Test


Strategic Vision Poll: Robert Menendez 42%. Rightroots Endorsed Candidate, Tom Kean, Jr. 40%

Strategic Vision Poll: Casey 47% Vs. Santorum 41% Vs. Romanelli 4%

Rasmussen: Debbie Stabenow 49% Vs. Mike Bouchard 44%

The Katherine Harris Campaign Touts U.S. House Members As Endorsing Her. They Didn’t Then, Or Don’t Now.


Charles Krauthammer: A Moment To Be Seized In Lebanon

Tom Bevan: Deconstructing Giuliani

Tom Bevan: Is Iraq a Lost Cause?

Victor Davis Hanson: Excuse After Excuse

A Recap Of The Governor’s Races


Nicole Kidman & 84 Other Hollywood Stars Take Out An Ad Condemning Terrorism

Volcano Wipes Out 3 Villages in Ecuador (Free WAPO Reg Req)

India: TV Crews ‘Aided’ Suicide To Get Footage

Exhibit Eyes Record for 2-Headed Animals

Video: Live From The Bridge To Nowhere

Website Of The Day: CrabApple

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