Daily News For August 18, 2006


Pakistani Woman Carrying Suspicious Liquid Found At W.Va. Airport

Expert: ‘Do We Have A Wack-Job Or A Murderer?’ (Wack Job)

John Douglas, A Former FBI Profiler Who Worked On The Jonbenet Murder Discusses The Case Against John Karr

A Federal Judge Ruled Thursday That The Government’s Warrantless Wiretapping Program Is Unconstitutional And Ordered An Immediate Halt To It

President Bush signs new pension bill

Mel Gibson Gets 3 Years Probation

Orrin Hatch: “Terrorists Are Waiting For The Democrats Here To Take Control, Let Things Cool Off And Then Strike Again.” (Sounds About Right)


Lebanese Deployment A 1st Step In Truce

Iran Suspected of Attempts to Rearm Hezbollah Since Cease-Fire

Ditch US In Terror War, Say 80% Of Britons (America And Britain’s “Special Relationship” Seems To Be Nearing An End)

Shut Up, Chinese Diplomat Tells US

N. Korea Appears To Be Preparing For Underground Nuclear Test

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Strategic Vision Poll: Robert Menendez 42%. Rightroots Endorsed Candidate, Tom Kean, Jr. 40%

Strategic Vision Poll: Casey 47% Vs. Santorum 41% Vs. Romanelli 4%

Rasmussen: Debbie Stabenow 49% Vs. Mike Bouchard 44%

The Katherine Harris Campaign Touts U.S. House Members As Endorsing Her. They Didn’t Then, Or Don’t Now.


Charles Krauthammer: A Moment To Be Seized In Lebanon

Tom Bevan: Deconstructing Giuliani

Tom Bevan: Is Iraq a Lost Cause?

Victor Davis Hanson: Excuse After Excuse

A Recap Of The Governor’s Races


Nicole Kidman & 84 Other Hollywood Stars Take Out An Ad Condemning Terrorism

Volcano Wipes Out 3 Villages in Ecuador (Free WAPO Reg Req)

India: TV Crews ‘Aided’ Suicide To Get Footage

Exhibit Eyes Record for 2-Headed Animals

Video: Live From The Bridge To Nowhere

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