Daily News For August 2, 2006


Israel Sends 10,000 Troops Into Southern Lebanon. Israeli Commandos Raid Hezbollah Hideout In Baalbek Hospital

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Said Tuesday That Israel Is “Winning The Battle” In Its 21-Day Offensive Against Hezbollah Guerillas In Southern Lebanon

Hizbollah Bombards Northern Israel

Israeli-Arab Objection To Fighting Puts Democracy To The Test

U.N. Officials: No Cease-Fire Imminent in Middle East

The European Union Does Not Intend To Place Hizbullah On Its List Of Terrorist Organizations For The Time Being, Eu President Finland

Claim: Castro Says He Is Stable


Mel Says Sorry To The Jews

Former Republican Michael Decker Admitted In Federal Court Today Receiving $50,000 And A Legislative Job For His Son In Exchange For Supporting Jim Black For A Third Term As House Speaker In 2003.

InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Poll: Hank Johnson Leads Mckinney By 15


Michael Medved: “Mad Mel” and his Malibu Meltdown

Tony Blankley: We Shouldn’t Ignore World Opinion

Robert Samuelson: Why Welfare Reform Worked

John Stossel: The Trial Lawyers’ ‘Justice’ Myth


MPAA: Christian Themes Won’t Be Factor

Don’t Kill Harry Potter, US Authors Urge Rowling

A Pic Of Barbra Streisand On A Bad Day

Video: Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager (Episode 2)

Website Of The Day: Friends Of The Israel Defense Force

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