Daily News For August 23, 2006


Iran ‘Fires On Romanian Oil Rig’

Iran Says It’s Ready for ‘Serious’ Talks (Just Another Delaying Tactic)

Assad: No UN Troops On Lebanon-Syria Border

Israel Shelves Plan To Pull Out Of Settlements In West Bank (Free Wapo Reg Req)

Train Bombing Plot Surprises Germany

Sen. James Inhofe: Inhofe Optimistic On Iraq. It’s Well On The Way Toward Handling Its Own Security, He Says


John McCain Faulted The Bush Administration For Misleading Americans Into Believing The Conflict Would Be “Some Kind Of Day At The Beach.” (What A Creep)

Firms Who Hire Illegal Immigrants Sued

Handwriting Expert Points Finger At Karr

A Stuart Middle School Teacher Has Been Removed From The Classroom After He Burned Two American Flags In Class During A Lesson On Freedom Of Speech (Fire Him)

U.S. District Judge Who Presided Over Government Wiretapping Case May Have Had Conflict Of Interest


American Research Group Poll: Lieberman 44%, Lamont 42%, Schlesinger 3%
Connecticut Groups Push to Remove Lieberman From Ballot (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: Talent (R) 46%, McCaskill (D) 44%

Sen. George Allen’s Campaign Is Seeking A Conservative Blog Maven Who Can Blunt Future Attacks And Help Rally Conservatives In The State And Elsewhere Behind Allen’s Campaign (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Iowa 2008 Straw Poll: Rudy Giuliani 30%, John McCain 17.3%, Bill Frist 6.5%, Mitt Romney 4.5%, George Allen 3.5%, George Pataki 3.3%, Mike Huckabee 2.5%, Sam Brownback 2.5%


Arthur Brooks: The Fertility Gap. Liberal Politics Will Prove Fruitless As Long As Liberals Refuse To Multiply

Thomas Sowell: Point Of No Return

Hugh Hewitt Interviews General John Abizaid

Larry Kudlow: Greatest Story Never Told

Rush Limbaugh: Marvin Kalb — Conservative Media Too “Pro-Freedom”


Paramount Cuts Ties With Tom Cruise

Giant Yellow Jacket Nests Perplex Experts

Video: Mary Katharine Ham Talks Porkbusters At Hot Air

Website Of The Day: The Redstate Blog Project

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