Daily News For August 25, 2005


Agents Blocked Suspected Suicide Bomber From Entering U.S.

Maj Gen Douglas Lute Sees Significant Withdrawal In Iraq Over The Next 12 Months

A Video Probably Made By Hizbullah—and Possibly Iran—is Helping Iraqi Insurgents Wage Their War

Muslims Who Want To Live Under Islamic Sharia Law Have Been Told To Get Out Of Australia

Some Sunnis Trying To Bring Back The Ba’ath Party

The Marshlands Of Iraq, Which Were Drained During The Early 1990s, Are Returning To Their Original State


Returns to Texas War Protest

Move Over, Cindy: Bush Singles Out Other Military Mom

Pat Robertson Apologizes For Calling For The Assassination Of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Panel Approves Most Military Base Closures

Poll Shows Bush Approval Ratings Sink to Lowest Point in Presidency

Virginia: State Legislators Urge Gov. Mark Warner To Declare Illegal Alien Crisis

Federal Judge OKs Global Warming Lawsuit (Ridiculous)


Ann Coulter: Conservatives Cause Global Warming And Liberal Press

Heather Mac Donald: Don’t Fund College Follies

Nathan Tabor: Liberals Are Really Socialists

Thomas Sowell: An Oil “Crisis”? Part II


Missouri Welcomes Home A War Hero

ABC Booted Michael Graham For Linking Islam To Terrorism. Now He’s Back At Rightalk Radio On The Net

French Paper Claims Lance Armstrong Used Banned Substance In 1999

Website Of The Day: La Shawn Barber’s Corner

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