Daily News For August 25, 2006


General: Iran Training Shiite Insurgents (Free Wapo Reg Req)

Israeli Poll: 63 Percent Of Israelis Feel That Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Failed In Managing The War In Lebanon And Should Resign. Only 29 Percent Believe The Prime Minister Is Fit To Continue Leading The Country

U.S. Generals Say Baghdad Violence Slows

Denmark: Four Charged With Plotting Terror Attack In Europe

Islamic Courts Consolidates Power in Somalia

Uzbekistan Criminalizes Religious Talk


New Yorker Arrested For Broadcasting Hizbollah TV

Women May Buy The Morning-After Pill Without A Prescription – But Only With Proof They’re 18 Or Older, Federal Health Officials Ruled Thursday

Christian Coalition Losing Chapters


Bloomberg Rules Out Independent Run At The White House

Funny Rick Santorum Ad Targeting Bob Casey

John McCain’s PAC Caught In A Lie


Marc Champion And Karby Leggett: Troop Pledge Vexes Europe

An Interview With William Donahue

Larry Elder: Do We Really Want Democrats In Charge?

Amir Taheri: Hezbollah Didn’t Win. Arab Writers Are Beginning To Lift The Veil On What Really Happened In Lebanon

Debra Saunders: The Border Patrol Inquisition


Pluto No Longer A Planet, Say Astronomers

NYC Officials Want New Race Based ‘Survivor’ Pulled

Nealenews Hangs It Up

Video: All Your Fakes Are Belong to US (Bloggers)

Humor: George Bush Hates Small Planets

Website Of The Day: The Discerning Texan

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