Daily News For August 3, 2005


Seven Marines Killed In Western Iraq

American Freelance Journalist Steven Vincent Was Found Dead In The Southern Iraqi City Of Basra (Tragic)

Saddam’s Trial Will Be Shown On Live TV

‘No Progress’ In N Korea Nuke Talks

Russia Won’t Renew ABC Credential After Its Interview With Chechen Terrorist

Britain: Muslims Who Hate Us Can Get Out, Says Tory


Frist Uninvited To A Political Event In His Home State Over His Stem Cell Stand

Homeland Security Nets More Than 500 Gang Arrests

A Nonpartisan Group Yesterday Released A Report That Said Paid Democratic Operatives Were Far More Involved In Voter Intimidation And Suppression Activities Than Were Their GOP Counterparts


Mark Steyn: Blair Must Overturn 40 Years Of Mistakes

Brendan Miniter: Why Are Some Democrats So Eager To Give Up In Iraq?

Donald Luskin: Krugman Reaches For A Silver Lining Among The Shards Of France’s Failing Economy

Michael Tremoglie: America — Champion For Peace


One Blog Now Created ‘Every Second’

Yahoo To Launch Blog Ad Network

Brain-Dead Woman In Va. Gives Birth (free WAPO Reg Req)

Aquarium Glass Breaks And Leaves Woman Bloody, In Chest Deep Water, And Surrounded By Sharks

Humor: White House Denies The Existence Of Karl Rove

Website Of The Day: Blogpulse

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