Daily News For August 30, 2006


Man Named Omeed Aziz Popal Goes On Hit And Run Spree In San Francisco

Yes, Omeed Aziz Popal, Is A Muslim

Arnold Schwarzenegger Yesterday Signed A Bill That Would Require All Businesses And Groups Receiving State Funding — Even If It’s A State Grant For A Student — To Condone Homosexuality, Bisexuality And Transsexuality

Rumsfeld Portrayed The Administration’s Critics As Suffering From “Moral And Intellectual Confusion” About What Threatens The Nation’s Security.

CNN’s Phillips Chats In The Loo During Bush Speech

Air America’s Spring 2006 Ratings (Just Awful)


Fresh Violence In Pakistan

Analysis: Hezbollah`S Indoctrination

Brother Says Castro Recovery ‘Satisfactory’


Jack Kemp To Stump For Sen. Lieberman

The Reasoning Behind The Special Election For November 7th To Fill Tom Delay’s Seat From November 7th Until The End Of The Year

The GOP Sends Campaign Workers In The Help Lincoln Chaffee Beat Republican Steven Laffey In The Primary


An Interview With Bill Frist

Donald Rumsfeld: Facing the Central Questions of Our Time

Douglas Davis: Syria’s Sights Are Set On Lebanon

Robert Samuelson: Wal-Mart As Red Herring

Jonah Goldberg: Fool’s Goldwater

Robert Spencer: Fox News and Forced Conversions

John Stossel: Schools Need Competition Now


New Orleans Bar Stayed Open Through Katrina And Chaos That Followed

Kids Watch As Clown Is Crushed To Death

Kidnap Girl Demands House That Was Prison

Congo: Barely School-Age When Relatives Labeled Her A Witch, Naomi Found Herself Cast Out On The Streets. Her Story Is A Common One In Congo. (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Game: Fracture

Website Of The Day: Ankle Biting Pundits

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