Daily News For August 5, 2005


21 Killed By Iraqi Terrorists

Jewish Terrorist Who Kills 4 Lynchs Palestinians

British MP George Galloway Praises Iraqi Insurgents

NATO Taking Over Afghan Security In 2006

Bush Dismisses Qaeda Tape, Condemns Zawahri


The New York Times Goes After John Roberts’ Children

Roberts Donated Time To ‘Gay Rights’ Activists

CNN Suspends Robert Novak For Swearing & Walking Off Set

In Congress, the GOP Embraces Its Spending Side (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Democrat Corzine Gave $470,000 Loan To Head Of Union (Free NYT Reg Req)

U.S. Chief Justice Rehnquist Treated At Hospital

Rick Santorum: Don’t Teach Intelligent Design In Classrooms

An Update On Taking Souter’s House To Build A Hotel (Free LA Times Reg Req)


Eric Pfeiffer: Republicans Won, Moveon. An Ohio Race May Just Be That

Cynthia A. Janak: The History Of Gun Registration

The Wall Street Journal: Al Gore’s Suffocating New Cable TV Network

Jeff Jacoby: The Republican Pork Barrel

Conservative Booknotes Interviews Robert Spencer

Jonah Goldberg: Bombers Got Rights, Too, You Know!


Kids’ Lemonade Stand Dispute Resolved In ‘Corporate Merger’

Mike Tyson Turns Porn Star; To Film Porn With Jenna Jameson

Man Kills His Wife With A Claw Hammer After She Wanted To Cuddle After Sex

Website Of The Day: Little Green Footballs

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