Daily News For August 7, 2006


Nearly 400 Rockets Were Fired At Israel This Weekend, Killing Six People

Israel Captures Hezbollah Kidnapper

Saudi Religious Leader Blasts Hizbullah (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Mideast War Rages On Despite Draft Of UN peace Resolution (Syria, The Government Of Lebanon, Hezbollah, And Israel All Reject)

Israel Kills Two Palestinians, Detains More Hamas Leaders

A Middle Eastern Connection? A Leak From The Investigation Into A Pair Of Unexploded Bombs Found On Trains In Germany This Week Has Produced A Strange Detail

Defiant Iran Threatens To Use ‘Oil Weapon’ Against Sanctions

From Iran: “Death To America!”

Mexican Al Gore Calls For More Poll Protests


Reuters Is Doctoring Photos From Beiruit

Reuters: Picture Kill!

Reuters Drops Lebanese Photographer Over Doctored Image

Another Fake Reuters Photo from Lebanon? (Looks Like It)


Jackie Mason: Mel No Anti-Semite (You Gotta Read This Because Mason Just Goes Off)

Mel Gibson Has Israeli Bodyguard

Major Alaskan Oil Field Shutting Down

Questions Surround Guest Worker Concept


Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll: Bob Casey 45% Vs. Rick Santorum 39%

Robert Menendez Leads His Challenger, New Jersey State Senator Tom Kean 44% To 38%

Democrats Feuding Over Midterm Tactics


Jonathan Garthwaite: Now Is Not The Time To Give Up And Go Home

Jonah Goldberg: Welfare Kings On Tractors

Jack Kelly: Hezbollah’s Hopes For Victory Depend Entirely On Its Propaganda Campaign

Mark Steyn: Advocates Of ‘Proportion’ Are Just Unbalanced


Rightroots: Donate To Help the GOP Retain Congress

The GOP Is Finished? Not Hardly

The Man Behind The ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Soft-Porn Empire Lets Claire Hoffman Into His World, For Better Or Worse

The 10 Strangest Statues You’ll Ever See

Website Of The Day: Duke New Sense

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