Daily News For August 8, 2006


Israel Intensifies Airstrikes In Lebanon

Israel Is Studying Lebanon’s Offer To Deploy Some 15,000 Lebanese Troops Along The Israel-Lebanon Border To Take Control Of The Hezbollah Stronghold (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Arab Moves Stall Ceasefire Deal As Israel Threatens More Attacks

The Lebanese Prime Minister Says Only One Person Died In An Israeli Air Raid On The Southern Village Of Houla, Lowering The Death Toll From 40

WaPo Reporter: Israel Deliberately Leaves Rockets In Place, Because Jewish Corpses Make For Good PR


Reuters Withdraws All Photos By Freelancer

Lacrosse Files Show Gaps in DA’s Case

McCain: Drinking Contest With Hillary Didn’t Happen. Senator Says ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read’ In New York Times


Bob Ney Decides Not To Run For Reelection

As Ney Quits, ‘Sore Loser’ Law Crops Up

Latest Quinnipiac University Poll: Lamont 51% vs. Lieberman 45%

Lieberman Campaign Website Hacked?

House Incumbents At Risk, Poll Finds. Percentage Of Americans Who Approve Of Their Representative Has Fallen Sharply


Martin Peretz: Lieberman. The “Peace” Democrats Are Back. It’s A Dream Come True For Karl Rove

Heather Mac Donald: An Immigration-Enforcement Opportunity In Orange County

Byron York: The Democrats’ Impeachment Road Map

David Limbaugh: Democrats’ Gloating Is Premature

David Warren: A Horrible Truth

Jack Kelly: Media Manipulating the War News?


A Group Led By Venture Capital Firm Softbank Is Investing $5 Million In The Huffington Post

I Stand With The Bunnies

Pics: Caterpillar Infestation Of A Bike

Hot Israeli Women In The IDF

Website Of The Day: Giuliani Blog

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