Daily News For August 9, 2005


Tehran Ends Freeze On Nuclear Program

Pentagon Expects to Temporarily Send More Troops To Iraq Before Election (Free WAPO Reg Req)

UN Oil-For-Food Probe Names Two Suspects

Treason Threat Cleric, Omar Bakri Mohammed, Leaves UK


Bush Says New Energy Bill Vital To U.S. Economy

Oil Prices Top $64 A Barrel In New High (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Poll: 54% Of Adults Say Going To Iraq Was A Mistake. 56% Say The War Is Going Badly. 43% Say It Is Going Well

Protesting Soldier Mom, Cindy Sheehan, Changed Story On Bush


John Fund: Aloha, Apartheid — A Court Strikes Down A Race-Based Policy In Hawaii, While Congress Considers Enshrining One

Christopher Hitchens: Can The Left Really Want Us To Lose The War In Iraq

David Francis: Time To Get Real About Enforcing Immigration Laws

Deroy Murdock: Hillary Clinton’s Rep Doesn’t Gel With Her Record (Excellent)

Michael Barone: Cultures Aren’t Equal

Reuel Marc Gerecht: A Great Democratic Experiment Is Taking Place In Iraq


Florida: Sex Offenders Banned From Storm Shelters

Harry Potter Is The Favorite Reading Material For Islamic Terror Suspects At Gitmo

Italy: Man Forgets Wife At Gas Station

The Bush Conspiracy
Theory Generator

Website Of The Day: Helping Our Troops

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