Daily News For December 1, 2005


US Economy Roars Despite Hurricanes; Growth Upgraded To 4.3 Percent

A Chart Showing The Incredible Positive Impact Bush’s Tax Cuts Have Had On The Economy

Alito Pushed Abortion Fight Under Reagan (Applause)

Rasmussen Poll: Just 25% Of Americans Say They Would Definitely Vote For Hillary Clinton For President While 40% Say They Would Definitely Vote Against Her

Judge Limits Prayers In Indiana House (Running Roughshod Over The 1st Amendment Again)

MoveOn.org Pulls Anti-War Ad Following Criticism

Sharp Objects May Be Allowed On Planes Again

Joe Wilson Calls Robert Novak An “*Sshole” And A “Jerk.”

Death-Row Celebrity Tookie Williams Confessed, Plotted Deputy-Killing Escape


Bush Maps Out Iraq War Strategy Again

Text Of Bush’s Speech

Pelosi Endorses Cutting And Running In Iraq

Two Saudi Businesswomen Have Been Elected In The Kingdom’s First Ballot In Which Women Were Allowed To Stand

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Michelle Malkin: Who Are You Calling Angry?

The Washington Times: Bush On The Border

James Lileks: Democrats Keep Digging Themselves Deeper

Walter Williams: Dead-End Jobs

John Stossel: The Smoking Busybodies Are At It Again

Jon Ham: Imagine MNF Being Covered Like Iraq


Operation Phone Home: Delivering Phone Cards To The Troops

Sweden: Drama Student Read Porn To 6yos

Man-Sized Scorpion Lived In Scotland

A Woman Is Suing The Pizza Hut In Lehighton, Pa., Because The Hot Poppers She Ordered As An Appetizer Were, Well, Hot And Popped When She Bit Into Them

New Hampshire Burglar Gets Stuck In A Window W/ Pic

Website Of The Day: Reasoned Audacity

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