Daily News For December 1, 2006


Iranian Weapons Arm Iraqi Militia (This Should Prompt Us To Bomb Iran)

Iraq Panel to Urge Pullout Of Combat Troops by ’08 (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki Said On Thursday His Government’s Forces Would Be Able To Take Over Security Command From U.S. Troops By June 2007

Centcom: The Media In Iraq Is Using False Sources For Its News And The Military Is Asking Them To Start Documenting Their News Before Reporting It To The American Public

Syrian Network Planned To Kill 36 Lebanese Officials

3 Suicide Bombers Kill 8 In Somalia

Nearly 180 Soldiers, Civilians And Police In UN Peacekeeping Missions Have Been Targeted For Disciplinary Action Since The Beginning Of 2004 For Sexual Abuse And Exploitation And The Problem Persists

French Fighter Jets Bombed A Rebel-Held Town In Central African Republic


Democrats Break Pledge To Voters And Reject Key 9/11 Panel Suggestion

U.S. Warns Of Possible Qaeda Financial Cyber Attack

A Veteran U.S. Immigration Supervisor Admitted Thursday He Moonlighted Running A Business That Supplied Fake Documents To Illegal Immigrants

Jeb Bush Calls Tancredo A ‘Nut’

New York Restaurants Are Lobbying The City Council In Hopes Of Overriding A Ban On Trans Fats That Is Expected To Pass The Board Of Health

Highly Dubious Report About Soldier’s Coffin At Center Of Furor


A Conversation With Bjorn Lomborg

Cliff May: Baker/Hamilton

Ralph Peters: Iraq’s Uncivil War

Chuck Todd: Hillary’s Primary Problem

John Stossel And Kristina Kendall: Who Gives And Who Doesn’t?

Larry Elder: What About Clinton and Kosovo? Get Over ‘Bush Lied’ Nonsense

Jonah Goldberg: It’s Losing We Hate, Not War (Free LA Times Reg Req)


The Influence Of Jesse Jackson

Karol From Alarming News Does Blonde Hair, Fishnets, And Platform Boots

Website Of The Day: The ABC PAC Presidential Challenge

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