Daily News For December 13, 2005


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Denied Clemency On Monday To Former Crips Gang Leader Stanley Tookie Williams, Who Is Slated To Be Executed Early On Tuesday (Applause)

Who Died In New Orleans? The Racial Breakdown Doesn’t Look Like The MSM Would Have You Believe

Florida Judge Upholds Rush Limbaugh’s Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

Judge Orders Extension Of Fema Hotel Plan Until Feb 7

The Health Care Retirement Bomb For Cities (The New York Times)


Early Voting In The Iraqi Elections Has Begun

ABC Poll: Seven In 10 Iraqis Say Their Own Lives Are Going Well, And Nearly Two-Thirds Expect Things To Improve In The Year Ahead

Hacker Attacks In US Linked To Chinese Military: Researchers

‘Terrorist Syrian Regime’ Behind Bombing. Lebanese Leader Accuses Damascus Of Threatening Opposition

Iranian President Sticks By Anti-Israel Comments

Indonesia: Muslims To Guard Churches On Christmas (Nice Gesture)

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Paul Sheehan: Nasty Reality Surfs In As Ugly Tribes Collide In Australia

Thomas Sowell: The Media’s War

Mark Steyn: What Is A Crime? It’s A Matter Of Opinion

Saul Singer: Can The International Community Get In On This Fight?

J. Peter Freire: An Astonishing Lack Of Coulter


An IMAO Wedding: Frank J. And SarahK Get Married (W/Pics)

Vote In The 2005 Weblog Awards

How Credible Is The Pope When He Denounces Materialism?

An Abortion Can Cause Five Years Of Mental Anguish, Anxiety, Guilt And Even Shame, A BMC Medicine Study Suggests

Things I Learned About Foreign Policy From Watching Syriana

Surgeons Sew Boy’s Nose Back After Attack Dog Swallows It

Website Of The Day: Debbie Schlussel

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