Daily News for December 14, 2005


Abbas-Linked Group Tries To Kill Sharon. Al Aqsa Fires Rocket At PM’s Ranch In Hopes Of Taking Out Israeli Leader

Iran Could Have Nuke Bombs In 3 Years: Israeli Army

Iranian Cleric: Muslims Could Nuke Israel

Iraqi Border Police Seize Truck Seized Hauling Load Of Bogus Ballots

Condi Rice: World Not Helping With Saddam Trial

An Iraqi’s Message For Moonbats


Los Angeles ‘Quiet’ After Williams Execution

Gallup Poll: 94% Believe In God, 5% Feel God “Does Not Exist,” 1% Are Certain God Does Not Exist

Bush Ratings Improve, Overall Job Approval at 42%

Gerald Ford Home From Hospital

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John Fund: Dr. Coburn, I Presume. Why Does Barbara Boxer Want To Stop Him From Delivering Babies?

James Lileks: A 2005 Rollick

Joel Kotkin: Ideological Hurricane

John Stossel: Pursuing A Greener Planet At The Expense Of Human Life

Austin Bay: The Great Revolt Continues

Brent Bozell: Newsweek’s Bush-In-The-Bubble Cover

Peter Schweizer: How The Grinch Stole Michael Moore


Woman Found Alive 63 Days After Earthquake In Kashmir

Anti-Christian Emblem Sold On Washington State Democrats Website

And Hollywood Wonders Why They’re Failing

Venemous Kate At Electric Venom Has Her Blogopshere Funded Teeth In (W/Pics)

The RIAA Prank

Humor: Stratego For Democrats

Website Of The Day: Preaching Politics

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