Daily News For December 15, 2005


Iraqis Vote For First Full Parliament Since Saddam

Iranian President Calls Holocaust A ‘Myth’

Iraq Border Chief Denies Forged Ballots Seized

Bush Acknowledges Faulty Iraq Intelligence. But He Says War Was Still Justified To Oust Saddam, Create Democracy

NATO Is Proving To Be Of Minimal Use In Afghanistan


51 Terror Suspects Nabbed Trying To Enter U.S. Illegally

House Votes To Revise, Extend Patriot Act, Angering Senators (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Bob Novak Says He Thinks Bush Knows The Leak Source

Wash. Democrats Apologize For Anti-Christian Magnet Sold On Their Website

US Missile-Defence Test ‘A Success’

Planned Parenthood Boasts It Covered Up An 11-Year-Old’s Rape

Religious McDonald’s Sign Draws Attention In Raleigh

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Marine Corps Major Ben Connable: The Truth On the Ground In Iraq

Julie Kosterlitz And Marilyn Werber Serafini: Must It Be Gloom And Doom For The Baby Boom?

George Will: Environmentalism As A Cover For Collectivism

Rush Limbaugh: What The Judges Ruling Means


More Retirement Insanity

Baghdad Jane’s Bloviations

Nominate Your Person Of The Year Over At Reasoned Audacity

The Top 10 “Bimbos” Of The Year

Humor: Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

Website Of The Day: Salute America’s Heroes

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