Daily News For December 16, 2005


Millions of Iraqis Vote in Relative Peace. Turnout Appears To Be Over 70%

Iraq Mistakenly Freed Terror Leader

Six Iraqis In Jordan Charged With Vote Rigging


Bush Accepts McCain’s Ban on Torture (How Many Americans Will Die Because Of This?)

Bush Secretly Lifted Some Limits On Spying In U.S. After 9/11, Officials Say (Free NYT Reg Req)

House GOP Bill Rejects Iraq Withdrawal

House Votes For 698 Miles Of Fences On Mexico Border (Free Nyt Reg Req)

John Kerry’s “Joke”: “If We Take Back The House, There’s A Solid Case To Bring Articles Of Impeachment Against This President.”

White House Defends Bush Comments On DeLay

Students Sue For Tuition Parity With California Illegals

Wal-Mart Viewed Favorably In Pew Survey

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Matt Potinger: Why I Gave Up Journalism To Join The Marines. (Free WSJ Reg Req)

Tony Snow: The Cut-And-Run Crowd

Charles Krauthammer: Iraq’s Not-So-Good Neighbor

Andrew McCarthy: McCain & Miranda


Go Vote For Byrd Droppings Please

Morgan Freeman: Believes The Labels “Black” And “White” Are An Obstacle To Beating Racism

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Football Stadium In Austria’s Second-Largest City Graz Is To Be Renamed Because Arnold Didn’t Stop Tookie’s Execution

Chewbacca Sings Silent Night

Top Ten Kos Kidz Reactions to Today’s Elections In Iraq

Website Of The Day: Hog On Ice

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