Daily News For December 18, 2006


Top Democrats: No More Troops

The Hottest Potential Contender For The 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination, Barack Obama, Has Been Drawn Into His First Scandal

After Bankruptcy Filing, Recriminations Fly at Air America — Al Franken Leaving To Run For Senate (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Gingrich: Imams Should Have Been Arrested

Newt Gingrich:’Wait and See’ On 2008 Bid

Hunter Touts Border Security During Iowa Visit


Mahmoud Abbas Attempted To End The Current Hamas-Led Government And Call For New Elections. Hamas Responded By Rejecting Any Participation In Early Elections, And Fatah Responded By Attempting To Assassinate The Hamas Foreign Minister

Shaky Hamas Vs. Fatah Ceasefire Takes Hold

France To Pull 200 Troops Out Of Afghanistan

Indonesian Tsunami Donations Help Islamic Sharia Police Lash Women In Public

Huge Islamic Driven Rape Increase In Norway


Michael Fumento: The Chicken Littles Were Wrong: The Bird Flu Threat Flew The Coop

Mark Steyn: And Merry Xmas To You All

Barry Rubin: US Primacy Lives (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

John Fund: Why Barack Obama May Not Run

Mark Cromer: Extremist Latino Rhetoric Flares In The Background


An Indian Runner Who Won A Silver Medal In The Women’s 800 Meters In The Asian Games This Month Has Failed A Gender Test And Is Expected To Be Stripped Of The Medal

Home Intruder Fatally Shot

After Surviving 20 Million Years, China’s White Fin Dolphin May Be Extinct

Website Of The Day: Peace Through Strength PAC

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