Daily News For December 19, 2005


Congressional Leaders Agree To $42 Billion In Budget Cuts (Free NYT Reg Req)

Rice Defends NSA Eavesdropping (Free NYT Reg Req)

Gonzales: War Powers Authorized Eavesdropping

Sen. Reid Calls Us Congress ‘Most Corrupt In History’ But Denies Personal Wrongdoing

Colin Powell: White House ‘Never Told’ Of WMD Doubts

Trent Lott Unsure Whether He Will Seek Re-Election


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Says No Plans To Resign After Stroke

AP-Ipsos poll: 57 Percent Want To Stay Until Uraq Is Stabilized And 36% Favor An Immediate Withdrawal

Bush Correctly Notes That The U.S. Is Winning Iraq War In His Latest Speech

Text Of Bush’s Address

Iraq Group Posts Video Of Us Hostage’s “Killing”

Saddam Hussein Interviewed By The Sun

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Robert Kagan And William Kristol: The Iraqi Elections Really Could Be A Turning Point

Thomas Lifson: The Media’s Mask Slips

Mark Steyn: Iraq Vote Leaves Dems Looking Like The Losers

Jeff Jacoby: Obsessive Anti-Semitism

Jed Babbin: All The President’s Spies


Time Names Gateses, Bono ‘Persons of 2005’

7 Ft. 320 Pd Nikolay Valuev Wins The WBA World Heavyweight Boxing Championship

One Month After Their Debut, Only 12 Out Of 70 Blogs Are Running Pajamas Media Ads

A Hospital Has Scrubbed Baked Ham From Its Christmas Menu, Fearing Muslim Patients Could Be Offended

Mary J. Blige: “The Blacker You Are, The Worse It Is For You.”

Website Of The Day: Arguing With Signposts

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