Daily News For December 19, 2006


Cali Merchant Wanted To Buy Military Arms To Send To Terrorists In The Middle East

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn’t Have Voted For Iraq War

Sen. Tim Johnson Has Been Conscious At Times Since His Emergency Brain Surgery Last Week. Has Opened Eyes, Responded To Voices, Moved Limbs.

Laura Bush Had Skin Cancer Tumor Removed

Joy Behar Likens Rumsfeld to Hitler

‘Peace’ Advocates Vandalize Cars at Army Recruiting Station


Ahmadinejad ‘Thwarted’ In Iranian Elections

Sadr Army Is Called Top Threat In Iraq. A Pentagon Report Cites The Danger Of The Shiite Cleric’s Militia.

Attacks In Iraq At Record High

On His First Day As Defense Secretary, Robert Gates Warned Monday That Failure In Iraq Would Be A “Calamity” That Would Haunt The United States For Years

British Lord Stings Senators Rockefeller And Snowe On Global Warming: ‘Uphold Free Speech Or Resign’


Lorie Byrd: Bush Bashing Is A Ticket To The Front Page

Newt Gingrich: 2007: A Year of Solutions and Dialogue. 2008: A Year of Ambition and Debate

Thomas Sowell: Duke Case — The Worst Worsens

Byron York: Will They Believe Romney? After Recent Revelations, Plenty Of Doubts Among Conservatives

Dick Morris & Eileen Mcgann: Reviving The Bush Presidency


In An Explosive Telephone Argument That Led To Her Firing, Publisher Judith Regan Allegedly Complained Of A “Jewish Cabal” Against Her In The Book Industry And Stated That “Of All People, Jews Should Know About Ganging Up, Finding Common Enemies And Telling The Big Lie.”

Rapist Preys On Men In Houston Area

52 New Species Found In Borneo’s ‘Lost World’

Website Of The Day: T.F. Boggs

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