Daily News For December 20, 2006


U.S. Not Winning War In Iraq, Bush Says For 1st Time. President Plans To Expand Army, Marine Corps To Cope With Strain Of Multiple Deployments (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Schools Have Been Closed In Gaza Amid What Officials Say Is A State Of Anarchy Caused By Fighting Between Palestinian Factions Hamas And Fatah

Blair To Urge Middle East States To Rein In Iran

A Documentary Says French Special Forces Had Osama Bin Laden In Their Sights Twice About Three Years Ago But Their US Superiors Never Ordered Them To Fire. The French Military, However, Said That The Incidents Never Happened And The Report Was “Erroneous Information”.


President Wants To Increase Size Of Armed Forces (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Cheney To Be Defense Witness In Scooter Libby Case

Newsweek: Hillary Tops McCain, Ties Rudy

First Columns Placed At New York’s Ground Zero

Marion Barry Arrested, Claims Racial Profiling


Mark Tapscott: Pelosi Preparing New Shackles For Free Speech

Michelle Malkin: 2006 — Muslim Year Of Perpetual Outrage

Terence P. Jeffrey: Ten Principles Of Conservatism

Tony Blankley: Losing Our Grip On Reality

John Stossel: What Will They Ban Next?


Trump Lets Miss USA Keep Her Title

Head-Butt By Horse Restores Man’s Sight

Dutch Women’s Breasts Getting Bigger

Top 10 3D Sidewalk Drawings

Video: Zucker Rips The Iraqi Study Group (Great!)

Website Of The Day: Hoystory

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