Daily News For December 29, 2005


Rasmussen Polling: 64% Of Respondents Said The NSA Should Be Allowed To Intercept Telephone Conversations Between Terrorism Suspects In Other Countries And People Living In The US

Supreme Court Asked To Transfer Padilla

Bill To Take Profit Out Of Anti-Religion Suits


Israel Bombards Gaza Security Zone

65% Of Palestinians Applaud Terror Attacks On US And Europe

U.N. Official: Iraqi Elections Credible

20 Killed In Iraq Jail Break

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The Chicago Tribune: Judging The Case For War (Free Chicago Tribune Reg Req)

Robert Turner: Congress Can’t Usurp The President’s Power To Spy On America’s Enemies

Max Boot: Hollywood’s Bad Guy Problem (Free LA Times Reg Req)

David Sanders: Unmistakable Media Bias

Robert Spencer: Radioactive Mosques?


A Daily Dose Of Vitamin D Could Cut The Risk Of Cancers Of The Breast, Colon And Ovary By Up To A Half, A 40-Year Review Of Research Has Found

Star Trek Is ‘Most Missed’ Series

Dawn Yang AKA Dawn Yeo Makes A Magazine Cover In Singapore (W/Pic)

A Challenge To The Blogosphere: ‘The Ten Worst Americans’ List

The Top 10 Craziest Science Stuff You Didn’t Know

A Hockey Player Was Banned For Life From Italy’s National Team After Repeatedly Shouting Racist Slurs At An Opponent During A League Game

Patrick Swayze Experimenting With Rap Music –No Really!

Pakistan: Nazir Ahmed Appears Calm And Unrepentant As He Recounts How He Slit The Throats Of His Three Young Daughters And Their 25-Year Old Stepsister To Salvage His Family’s “Honor”

Website Of The Day: Memorandum

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