Daily News For December 6, 2006


Robert Gates: Iran Wants Nuclear Weapons For Deterrence. We Should Let Them Have Them (Bush Should Fire Gates Before He Takes Office)

Iraq To Command Own Forces By Spring: US General

Al Qaida An Active Partner In Somalia’s New Government

Fiji Military Stages Coup, Fourth In 20 Years

Italian Prosecutors On Tuesday Asked A Judge To Order CIA Agents And Italian Spies To Stand Trial On Charges Of Kidnapping A Terrorism Suspect And Flying Him To Egypt

Immigrants Wanting To Settle In Britain Are To Be Quizzed On How To Claim Benefits – But Not On British History


U.S. Not Winning In Iraq: Pentagon Nominee Gates

Tony Snow: Bush Disagrees With Gates, Says We Are ‘Winning’ (Bush And Snow Are Right)

NYC Bans Trans Fats From Eateries (Free New York Times Reg Req)

The U.S. Court Of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit Has Ruled En Banc That It’s Perfectly Okay For A Private School To Exclude All Races Except Native Hawaiian

Hensarling, RSC Darling? Conservative House Members Chose A Chairman

Top 10 Most Expensive Senate Races in 2006


Jack Kelly: Democrats harbor outdated, outlandish views of those who serve our nation

Heather Mac Donald: No, The Cops Didn’t Murder Sean Bell

Thomas Sowell: The Economically Illiterate In Hollywood

Raymond Ibrahim: Islam Gets Concessions; Infidels Get Conquered (Free LA Times Reg)


Andy Dick — The New “Kramer?”

What If Today’s Media Had Covered World War II?

Evil Toys For Children — A Slideshow

Website Of The Day: The Jawa Report

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