Daily News For December 7, 2006


1 In 7 Mexican Workers Employed In The U.S.: Report

Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint Successfully Block 10,000 Pork Projects

Jeb Hensarling Was Just Elected As The Next Chairman Of The Republican Study Committee 57-42 (That’s Good News)

GOP Lawmakers Tack Offshore Drilling Legislation Onto Tax Bill

Culture Shock On Capitol Hill: House To Work 5 Days A Week (Free WAPO Reg Req)

White House: No One-On-One Iran Talks

House Denounces French Street Named In Honor Of Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal


Iraq Panel Report Draws Flak

Claim: Terrorists Rejoicing Over New Iraq ‘Plan’. Reaction To Study Group: ‘Allah And His Angels’ Responsible, ‘Era Of Islam And Of Jihad’ Declared

Baker Wants Israel Excluded From Regional Conference That Would Discuss Israel’s Future

Iran To Complete Nuclear R&D by March Of 2007


National Review: Half Baked

William Caldwell IV: Why We Persevere (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Jonah Goldberg: Take Your Rerun And Shove It. Make The Clintons And Bushes Go Away!

Austin Bay: A Week Of Leaks: Options For The Long War


Does Water Still Flow On Mars?

“Great Australian Bikini March” Organized To Protest Misogynist Muslim Imam

Andy Dick Apologizes For Racial Slur

Man Accused Of Faking Retardation — For 20 Years

Website Of The Day: Tongue Tied 3

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