Daily News For December 8, 2005


Airline Passenger Who Made Threat Killed

A Federal Law Enforcement Officer Fired His Gun On A Passenger Jetway

‘Holiday’ Cards Ring Hollow For Some On Bushes’ List (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Sears Puts ‘Merry Christmas’ Signs In Its Stores

‘Silent Night’ Secularized. School Changes Beloved Christmas Carol To ‘Cold In The Night’ With All New Lyrics

Conservatives Look At Ending Birthright Citizenship For Immigrants

Schiavo Husband Launches Political Action Committee (Will Kervorkian Launch A PAC Next?)

Angst Of The Right Over Frist

Hecklers Cause Coulter To Cut UConn Speech


Poll: Four Years After The Fall Of The Taliban, Afghans Optimistic About The Future

Bush: US Overcoming Iraq ‘Mistakes’

Nuke Over U.S. Could Unleash Electromagnetic Tsunami

“Iron Lady” Thatcher Taken To UK Hospital

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Edward Morrissey: Rally Round the (White) Flag, Boys!

Don Rumsfeld: Why Aren’t The Media Telling The Whole Story About Iraq

Ann Coulter: DeLay Hammers Earle of Austin

Dick Morris: Hillary Can’t Have It Both Ways


What Happened To Paul Mirecki?

How Do You Tackle An Invasion Of Giant Jellyfish? Try Making Sushi

10 Question Quiz: Could You Pass The US Citizenship Test?

Were The Levees Bombed In New Orleans? Ninth Ward Residents Give Voice To A Conspiracy Theory

Video: BarneyCam 2005

Video: Hip Hop Pastry

Website Of The Day: Basil’s Blog

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