Daily News For December 8, 2006


Dean: Dems Should Keep Out Vern Buchanan (Dems Trying To Steal A House Seat That They Lost In Florida)

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Says A Fence At The Mexican Border Authorized By Congress This Fall “Gets In The Way” Of U.S.-Mexico Relations, And He Wants The New Democratic Congress To Reverse The Legislation (Free Wapo Reg Req)

Marist Poll: Trouble For Clinton, Guiliani Bids

European Socialists Eager To Work With U.S. Democrats

Dual Missile Test Fails Off Hawaii

Reid, Pelosi: We’ll Block Pay Raise

Shuttle Launch Scrubbed Due to Weather


Hezbollah Vows End To Lebanon Government

President Bush Moved Quickly On Thursday To Distance Himself From The Central Recommendations Of The Bipartisan Iraq Study Group: Pulling Back All Combat Brigades Over The Next 15 Months And Direct Talks With Iran And Syria

Don’t Rush Training Of Iraqi Forces – US Commander

Revealed: Captured Israel Soldiers Suffer Injuries

Troops Find Serious Use For Silly String In Iraq


Frederick Kagan: Iraq Study Group Fails The Big Test — How To Quell The Violence

An NRO Symposium On The ISG Report

Neal Boortz: Pearl Harbor And Iraq

Robert Bateman: The (Not So) Infallible AP


‘Church Of The Ark’ Found On West Bank

Pigs And ‘Possums Have Been Flying Through The Air Onto Business Counters Lately

Top Ten Funniest Political Moments Of 2006

Bloom County Cartoon: Hunting Liberals

Website Of The Day: Stop Martinez

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