Daily News For February 2, 2006


3 Republicans Make Final Push For House Leadership Post (Go Shadegg)

House Clears Budget-Cut Bill For Bush

West Virginia: Gov. Joe Manchin To Call On All Coal Companies To Cease Production Until Safety Checks Can Be Conducted

RNC Vs. DNC Fund Raising

Fundraising Numbers: Cold Water On The Democrats

Police Apologize, Drop Charge Vs. Sheehan

Rep. Pete Stark, D-Fremont: “I’m Still Trying To Find Out Why The President’s Gestapo Had To Arrest Cindy Sheehan In The Gallery…”

Cindy Sheehan Claiming Police Brutality

Florida Rep.’s Wife Says She Was Ejected From State Of Union For Wearing A “Support The Troops” T-Shirt


Bush: US Would Defend Israel Against Iran

Bush: No New State Unless Hamas Recants

Egypt Calls On Hamas To Recognize Israel

Claim: Experiments With High Explosives, Possibly Linked To Future Nuclear Weapons Tests, Were Carried Out As Recently As 2003 In Iran

The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Speak Out About Offensive Washington Post Cartoon

Muhammad Cartoon Row Intensifies

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Dan McLaughlin: Scandalology

Michelle Malkin: Shame On Lynn Woolsey

Jack Kelly: The Declining Future Of The Newspaper Industry

Ann Coulter: Alito…Boo!

Tony Blankley: State Of The Democratic Party

Republican Referendum. Something New, Or Same-Old, Same-Old?


Bond set for Andrea Yates

Dog Narrowly Escapes Death After Elevator Mishap

Humor: Pete Stark Facts

Website Of The Day: On Tap

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